Frequently Asked Question - Gum Rosin

Gum Rosin also known as colophony or rosin is a natural organic resin that is obtained from plants, mostly pines and other conifers, when the fresh liquid resin obtained from these plants, is heated and the volatile liquid terpene components are vaporised. Gum rosin mostly contains different resin acids, especially abietic acid. Gum Rosin is naturally found in Indonesia, South China and North  Vietnam.

→ Gum Rosin has a faint piny odour → It is a solid and is vitreous → It is semi-transparent or translucent → It is brittle at room temperature, melts at higher temperatures → Gum Rosin is insoluble in water & soluble in organic solvents → The Indonesian Gum rosin is yellowish, while generally gum rosins vary in colour from pale yellow to black.

Gum rosin has many applications and comes in many grades such as WW, WG and X grade. Gum rosin uses in industry including polishing agent in metal production, sizing agent in paper industry, an ingredient to enhance the strength, plasticity, and viscosity in adhesives and sealant industry, etc.

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